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 Maid Cafe's Open For Buisness!

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Dracula's Daughter

Dracula's Daughter

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Maid Cafe's Open For Buisness! Empty
PostSubject: Maid Cafe's Open For Buisness!   Maid Cafe's Open For Buisness! EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 11:11 am

I figured it was time to start something new! Smile My Character's name will be introduced later on. Smile and so will her attributes! anyway HIYOS EVERYBODY I THINK WE FORGOT ABOUT THIS SITE HERE FOR A FEW!!! XD

The door swings open as the bell rings I turn around from folding the menu's and say "Welcome back mistress!" I smile as I sit her at her desired table and wait on her happily as soon as she finish's ordering I go deliver it the order to the cook, then get her drink happily then return to my mistress's side with her drink in tow... I leave for a little while happily finishing folding the menu's then going to the kitchen to pick her order up and bring her her food. I smiled as she said "Thank you maid sama It's always a pleasure having you by my side!" I bowed slightly then walked away happily humming a tune...
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Maid Cafe's Open For Buisness!
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