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 Mirai Nikk, future diary rp

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PostSubject: Mirai Nikk, future diary rp   Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:16 pm

Yet another amazing animanga. this one is about a survival game that will determine the fate of the world as a contest between 12 people for the god of cause and times power...what your future diary is is upto you...
these are the conditions for your character and your diary:
1. no super powers or anything of the like except for the power of your diary.
2. your character can be as restrained in characteristics as your imagination, but remember! no exceptional powers except for the power of your diary.
3. if your diary gets hit, broken, torn, shredded, or damaged in anyway shape or form. you die! your diary is your future in this 'game'...in lamens terms, if your future gets destroyed you suffer the same fate.
4. the diary must be something small and compact...like a cellphone, or journal...if you wish to go traditional in character stats then a scroll is acceptable...
5. your future is subject to change at all times...except for when a 'dead end' flag is raised...then you must do anything and everything to overturn that flag and eliminate the person(s) trying to take your characters life.
6. this game takes place over a ninety day period...it ends on july 28 20XX. if two characters decide to form an alliance or decide to become a couple and they are both participants in the game then they will have to kill one or the other...that is the definite rule of this game...no exceptions!
have fun thinking!!
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Mirai Nikk, future diary rp
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